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Brixham Bhoys

Image of Brixham Bhoys

The photo of the “Brixham Bhoys” serving in India came to the museum through the Heal family.

The confirmation of two named men in the photo, Percy Pitman (left) and Sydney Heal (right) are holding the sign, has enabled the museum to connect the photo to a number of contemporary newspaper reports regarding the service and enlistment of Brixham men to the Territorial force of the Royal Field Artillery 2nd Battery (Wessex Brigade), which was based at Paignton.

170 men left for India from Paignton train station on August 13th 1914. They took with them four guns, 8 ammunition wagons, 3 general service wagons & 131 horses. They travelled to India via Malta, the Suez and Aden.

A large number of Brixham men were serving with the Navy in the North Sea and the Brixham Western Guardian vividly recounts the charged atmosphere created in Brixham when news of the battle spread.

A list of those serving from Brixham contains the names of - Johnson - Sharpe - Pitman - Heal - Meyers - H & L Tozer - Hicks - Gardiner - Bird - Horton - Cox - Bridge - King - Light - Foster - Holland -Edhouse - Cole - Mutter - Norris - Oakford - Hooper - Pool - Tucker - S R Hall & R B Hall.

Most of those serving were posted to various locations during the war with a number serving in Egypt.

Dorothy and Enid

Dorothy and Enid

Dorothy and Enid

This photo was found in Smardons newsagents in Brixham after it was left in the shops photocopier.

Seemly the photo postcard was given to the father of Dorothy and Enid, pictured on the front, for him to take on his journey to the Dardanelles.

Any information regarding the postcard would be welcomed.