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Learning about flintknapping at the museum




Karl Lee is a master flintknapper and archaeologist with over 20 years experience of teaching the manufacture and use of stone (“lithic”), bone and wooden prehistoric tools.




This free session, funded by the Museum fundraisers, gave 14 children, including 11 Young Torbay Careers, the opportunity to make a prehistoric tool.




You can learn more about Karl’s skills at the Primitive Technology website.




Shortlisted for the Family Friendly Museum Award – Again!


Our Museum has done it again – we have been placed in the top six of the Telegraph National ‘Family Friendly Museum’ Award! We managed to reach the top six last year, which was surprising considering we were a very small minnow in a very big ocean of national museums, and after even greater efforts to offer something for everybody, we find to our great delight that we have managed it again this year!
We are to be road-tested by under-cover families over the summer and the winner will be announced in early September, so we will continue to offer our usual friendly welcome toour visitors, with a few new attractions since last year, such as the opportunity for children of different ages to do an indoor archaeological dig in sand, to press Devon dialect speech bubbles, to note new ‘out of place’ items and to take information leaflets about prehistoric Brixham which are free to all visitors.
Everybody calls us a “Tardis” but we are a Giant amongst Family Friendly Museums.
Ms Dea Birkett, Director of Kids in Museums, comments:
‘Once again Brixham Heritage Museum has made it to the shortlist of the Telegraph Family Friendly Museum Award. The judges were astonished at the great community feel and huge amount of imaginative work for families coming out of a small museum. Families testified to what an impact the museum had had on their lives, from exciting days out to leading to their children studying archaeology at university. Every square foot of this small museum works to make the lives of local families richer, more informed and more fun.’

For further information please contact
Mrs Lesley Smith
Brixham Heritage Museum
New Road

Chairman’s Message


Brixham Heritage Museum is not a run-of-the-mill Museum. The word MUSEUM conjures up, in many minds, a building with a musty collection of artefacts which are ‘dry’ looking and often accompany mangy, dusty specimens of taxidermy. This is not Brixham’s Heritage Museum! Many museums recently have become more touchy-feely and electronic, and been encouraged to be more relevant to the 21st century way of portraying the past.

The space inside Brixham Heritage Museum is disguised by the diminutive entrance—but do not be fooled—inside a comprehensive history of one of the oldest and most productive fishing ports in England enfolds you as you walk round two floors of what used to be the Police Station of 1902. There is a feeling of history and ambience of long ago.

There is much for adults to see, read and inwardly digest, but unlike many museums we cater for the younger generation. There are activity packs for children to experiment with while their parents look at the displays. There are relevant pictures to colour and take home afterwards and, for those children who want to enter into the spirit of the past, there is a dressing-up box of Victorian-like clothes to parade about in. For the very young there is a sand-box and a railway and a wooden boat in which to play. We cater for all ages and that is why this Museum was short-listed last year for the “Kids in Museums” Telegraph-sponsored “Family Friendly Museum” competition.

So far this year we are long-listed in the best 20 museums in the country, some of which are big and illustrious and who have far more financial resources than we can ever dream of! But, then you all know about this— you are members—and we are very grateful for your support. We are proud of the new innovations and what has been achieved.