Monthly Archives: September 2015

Monday, Monday…


…is the day when the Museum is closed to visitors and much work is done behind the scenes.

Our happy band of volunteers continues to refurbish and research with much happening, amid great excitement, on the days we have the Museum to ourselves. Our handymen (with Louise Cresswell giving orders, sorry, sorry, styling the scene) are making excellent progress with the Brixham Shops.




The 1950’s Cobbler’s Shop, which was run from the tradesman’s domestic premises, now has authentic wallpaper in place, a 1950’s radio on the shelf above the boots, a cobbler’s bench (special thanks to Otto Schneider for his hard work on this item) and the finishing touch – a piece de résistance – will be a Coronation mug next to the tools on the table. The Cobbler’s name board is in place above the display – W. Elliott, Boot Maker – known as ‘Welly’, perhaps?

Newman’s Chemist has been revamped to provide space to properly view the intriguing pharmaceutical items (not as scary as the instruments in our Medical Display) and the handymen have managed with sleight of hand to light the glass name plate from behind…OK, OK, they’re not magicians, but have cleverly incorporated two light boxes to do the trick…such ingenuity!

The General Store (don’t we have a lot of Oxo tins???) is also being restyled and, at last, we have a place for the original sign from the George Hotel. Louise is researching this establishment and some text with a photograph will appear below the sign to enlighten you, in due course.

Ooooh La La! We have received a letter from France in answer to our enquiry about the provenance of the stick purporting to belong to Napoleon…but, unfortunately, we are no further forward in our investigations. It may be that the stick was carved by prisoners-of-war on St. Helena, or it may have no connection and instead be the work of an Irish craftsman, as similar sticks have been discovered in the Emerald Isle. No matter, there is sure to be a fascinating story attached to it, one way or another.

Anyone out there found John Smart’s bottle?