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Unveiling of Historic Plaque

A plaque commemorating the stoicism of the Brixham people in adversity has been unveiled at Brixham Museum.



At the time of the Second World War the museum was the local police station and the few officers there had to police a town containing a torpedo shipyard, a refuelling installation and 4,000,000 gallon underground aviation fuel storage tank.

Sergeant Alfred Mock, who had fought in the First World War, was in charge of the station during this time. Members of Sergeant Mock’s family, including his son Frank who provided the plaque, will be on hand to see it unveiled.



There is a display in the museum based around Sgt Mock which details the esteem he had for the people of Brixham, who largely policed themselves in a period of reduced manpower, increased risk and deprivation. He watched, saluted many troops and wished them luck as they were unloaded outside the station house to march down to the harbour to embark.



The museum curator, Dr Phil Armitage, welcomed the plaque being added to the front of the museum and said, ‘This goes to show what respect the people of Brixham were held in by those who manned this police station and also commemorates a long serving officer, who was based here from 1933 through the depression and the war until 1945.”

Chairman of Brixham Town Council , Councillor Martyn Hodge, said  “It is pleasing that members of Sergeant Mock’s family feel strongly enough about Brixham to have had this plaque erected. The words show that it is not just about Sergeant Mock but also the people of Brixham. It is entirely fitting that it is placed in such a prominent location on the front of the old Police Station in New Road and re affirms this building’s importance as part of the heritage of our town.”